How Can Complex Financial Technology Concepts Be Explained to Non-Technical Audiences?


    How Can Complex Financial Technology Concepts Be Explained to Non-Technical Audiences?

    When fintech professionals step out of their technical bubble, they must often translate complex concepts into layman's terms, as a CTO and founder did while briefing executives on AI fraud detection. We've gathered insights from industry insiders and also included five additional answers that illuminate various strategies for communicating intricate financial technologies. From using everyday analogies to conducting hands-on workshops, here's how experts demystify fintech for the non-technical audience.

    • Brief Executives on AI Fraud Detection
    • Relate Fintech to Everyday Activities
    • Gamify Fintech Learning Experiences
    • Use Infographics for Complex Concepts
    • Explain Fintech With Instructional Videos
    • Conduct Hands-On Fintech Workshops

    Brief Executives on AI Fraud Detection

    Recently, I was asked to brief the executive leadership team about our new AI-powered fraud detection system. Many of these people were from non-technical fields.

    Before going deep into the technological terms, I concentrated on the technology's main advantages and effects. I emphasized how it will enhance customer experience by detecting fraud and cutting it down by 30%.

    Next, I demonstrated the main ideas with straightforward examples. For instance, I explained the machine learning models by comparing them to how a human fraud analyst gradually gains the ability to recognize patterns of fraudulent activity. To demonstrate it, I presented a genuine case study of how the system identified a new scam approach.

    I also made use of visual aids, such as a straightforward process diagram, to demonstrate how the system receives transactions, processes them using AI models, and generates alerts.

    I welcomed questions and comments during the lecture. Lastly, I took care to speak clearly and concisely, avoiding technical terms.

    Dhari Alabdulhadi
    Dhari AlabdulhadiCTO and Founder, Ubuy Netherlands

    Relate Fintech to Everyday Activities

    To make complex financial technology concepts more accessible to non-technical audiences, one effective approach is to draw parallels to everyday activities that individuals are already familiar with. For instance, the concept of blockchain can be compared to a communal ledger that everyone in a neighborhood contributes to and verifies. Just as neighbors would notice if someone tried to change a record in the neighborhood ledger, a blockchain works similarly to ensure transparency and trust.

    This approach can demystify technical terms by relating them to common experiences, which helps people understand without needing prior technical knowledge. To further enhance your understanding, try relating another financial technology concept to an area of your daily life.

    Gamify Fintech Learning Experiences

    Introducing complex financial technology concepts can be an engaging experience if transformed into interactive, gamified learning. This method transforms the learning process into an enjoyable activity where users can earn points or rewards for mastering new topics. Such a strategy leverages the inherent love for games that many people share, turning a potentially daunting learning curve into an adventure.

    By progressively increasing the difficulty as knowledge is acquired, the journey remains challenging yet achievable. Embark on a gamified learning journey to demystify the world of financial technology.

    Use Infographics for Complex Concepts

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the context of explaining complex financial technology concepts, the creation of infographics can play a pivotal role. Infographics have the power to distill intricate information into digestible visual representations that can communicate ideas quickly and clearly.

    By focusing on key points and using relevant imagery, these visual tools can bridge the gap between complexity and comprehension, allowing for a deeper understanding without overwhelming details. The use of colors, icons, and diagrams can further illuminate the concepts for the audience. Take a step towards clarity by exploring infographics on financial technology topics.

    Explain Fintech With Instructional Videos

    When the goal is to explain sophisticated financial technology concepts to those who may not be tech-savvy, the use of straightforward language in explanatory videos becomes invaluable. Videos can offer step-by-step explanations that mimic an instructor-led tutorial, minus the daunting jargon. They can break down concepts like cryptocurrency or mobile payments into clear, digestible pieces with the help of visual aids and a conversational tone.

    Videos provide the flexibility to pause and review as needed, reinforcing the learner's pace and understanding. Dive into a series of explanatory videos to start unraveling the complexities of fintech.

    Conduct Hands-On Fintech Workshops

    An approachable way to grasp complex financial technology concepts is through organizing hands-on, practical workshops. In these sessions, participants can navigate the real-world applications of fintech by engaging directly with the technology in a controlled environment. The hands-on experience allows learners to see the tangible results of their actions, reinforcing the learning process.

    Through structured activities, they can explore the ins and outs of systems like digital wallets or peer-to-peer lending, making the abstract become concrete. Consider joining a practical fintech workshop to gain first-hand experience and solidify your understanding.